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The days seem to be getting longer. So I continue to get more annoyed with the dumb heads that come into our store. Still angry about things that happened last week and I don't think that'll go away anytime soon. I'm really ready for a break. Hopefully like the end of july i'll be going on vacation. I need time away from all of this. Cause if not i'm gonna strangle someone.

I'm gonna dye my hair again. Only instead of the red in the front I think i'm just gonna go all black. It's growing pretty fast. I have hair now...but I can't do anything with it so I'm not really happy. I can't get it cut into a style cause then it would just be shorter...and I'm trying to get it longer. Like chin length. So I'll deal with it.

Confession of a convience store clerk: When you ask a dumb question like " do the blinds match the carpet " I will respond by not only telling somone else but also making fun of you to your face for asking me that.
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