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12:20am 14/02/2015
  sup bitches  

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02:22am 06/07/2014
mood: drained
back from the dead.

Probably gonna post on here sometimes. Wonder if anyone still reads livejournal. Guess I'll find out.

Might repost some old survey's with new answers...cause why not.

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Forward March!!   
04:41pm 25/01/2007
  So we finally got the apartment. Matt and I sign the lease tomorrow and start moving in on saturday. I'm super excited. A little overwhelmed with how fast it's all going. But I'm just looking forward to being all moved in and not worrying anymore. It's gonna be great. Oh to cook food again. I'm excited. But for now I'm off to pack more things. I shall talk to you all once we get the cable turned on in our new place.  

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peep peep   
12:42am 09/11/2006
mood: calm
so I haven't posted in forever and figured it was about damn time. Life is going alright. Working like crazy. I've started my christmas shopping already. If you want something or want me to specifically not get you anything you should probably tell me now cuase I want to have most of my shopping done by december 1st. I love the christmas season. Just wish it didn't cost so damn much.

Matt got me a nintendo ds lite...the pink one...for christmas. Along with the sweet ass game Cooking Mama. I love it. He gave it to me last weekish...and I've been playing it all the time. It's awesome. It's really gonna come in handy when I'm on the plane to fly down to florida in December. Which i'm also super excited about. Gonna get to see my sister and i'm totally stoked about that.

But I'm off to go find a cigarette and go to bed.

Quote for today: My emotions hurt ~ Beth

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12:11am 21/10/2006
mood: calm
Went to the bouncing souls concert yesterday. The only thing that could have made the show better was if the bitch behind me would have taken her elbow out of my neck...which she had there on purpose so I would move. I about punched her in the throat but didn't want to get kicked out of my favorite bands concert. If it had been any other band she would have been so hurt. GRRR. But besides that not a whole lot going on. Halloween party is the 28th, and I'm super excited about it! Got my costume and everything. It's gonna be sweet!!! Getting a new phone tomorrow but it will most likely be the same number.

P.S. I want this...someone buy it for me and suprise me with it!!!! http://www.mitchclem.com/store/

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01:53pm 06/10/2006
mood: indifferent
Yes, that's right. I'm still alive. Been working a whole lot. Got a raise...of course it's only because the minimum wage went up but i'm happy none the less. Finally after all these years got my braces off. Very happy about that. But my teeth did feel weird for a couple days. But now all is well. Matt and I are doing good. A lot better then the first time around. We are happy together. Besides that not a whole lot going on. Just working, spending time with matt and my friends. Tomorrow should be fun. Gonna go to the martini bar.

Matt and I are having a halloween party. Costume mandatory. Oct. 28th. It's a saturday. If you want to go just let me know. But for now I'm off to get ready and go to work.

Question of the day: Do you wanna go?

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Do you believe in something beautiful.   
01:35pm 23/08/2006
mood: bouncy
Haven't updated in a while so I thought why not. Lets see. Matt and I are a couple now. So far it's going great. I don't tend to look into the future because I just want to live in the now. I'm enjoying things so why worry about what will happen later on.

I went to my sisters house last week. It was awesome. Drove all the way down there with Beth and Duane. It took forever but it was worth it. I do know next time that I will be flying down instead of driving. Met her boyfriend who is pretty awesome. We all sat around and watched porn together and laughed at all the crazy stuff in it. We also went and visited Duanes sister which was also awesome. Went to the beach and I got sunburned. All in all it was a great vacation. But for sure gonna fly down next time. But the next time I will see Rachel will be when she comes up here hopefully with her boyfriend. And also hopefully by then I'll have my own place with April.

And now I'm off to hang with Phill for a while and then go to work.

Question of the day: Are you stuck?

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03:12pm 16/07/2006
  Last night was awesome. Right when I got home from work the night started. We jumped into Phill's car and headed out to Grand Rapids for the Mindless Self Indulgence show. Half way there Phill's tire damn near flew off the car. After 20 minutes of sitting in webberville, Phill fixed it some how. We continued on our way and made it there about 30 minutes after the door opened. After getting in and checking out the place we went on a mission to find a couple of our friends. Friends found we hung out and Jeremy and I started drinking. After much hanging out, meeting a new friend, and watching two other bands play Mindless finally came to the stage. We watched and sang at the top our lungs. Then we moved to the balcony so we could see better. Half way through the show April and I decided to move down and get close to the stage. After about 5 minutes of being drenched in other peoples sweat and losing one of my plugs (which phill found again later in the night) we decided to go back up with our friends. We rocked out to Mindless till the show was over. At which time we hung out till the band members started walking around. We talked with a few and got signitures. Much fun was had.

Over all it was one of the best concerts I've been to. MSI never stops amazing me with their stage performance. It was a completely awesome night. I enjoyed it way.

Besides that not a whole lot going on in my life right now. Just been working a whole bunch. Next week I go to Wisconsin to visit Kevin. It should be nice to have a vacation and see a good friend.

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thunderstorms ahoy   
08:29am 21/06/2006
mood: scared
It's 8:30 in the morning. I work in 30 minutes. My alarm was all set to go off right now. But no, it couldn't work out that way. Instead I get woken up by the loudest thunder I've ever heard. It cracked, and I literally jump out of a dead sleep. It scared the shit out of me.

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12:21pm 12/06/2006
mood: calm
Life has been pretty awesome lately. Hanging out with Matt, Beth and Duane, Phill, and April. Bonfires at Beths house are very enjoyable. She's been having them a lot lately which is awesome cause I love bonfires. The next day we almost always make deviled gets. Which is awesome. Hopefully we'll put up pictures of the last couple ones soon.

I've actually started to take pictures with my camera that I got for christmas. It took me way to long to actually be motivated to do them. I enjoy doing it. It's really relaxing to just walk around and take pictures. Hopefully they turn out good.

Work is still work. 40 hours a week. Which I am now kinda used to. Tisha finally comes back to work today after 7 weeks of preganacy leave. Everyone is glad that she's back. Especially my bosses considering neither of them have had a day of since Tisha left.

Besides that not much going on in my life. This saturday I go on a date with Matt to the Lark. June 25th is my step sisters wedding shower. July 15th is the mindless concert. July 28 is the ted leo concert. July 29th is warped tour. July 21 i'm going to take a trip to visit Kevin. And then probably the second week in august Beth, Duane, and I will be taking a trip to visit Rachel. I'm super excited about this summer.

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05:12pm 13/05/2006
mood: calm
work seems to drag on more and more. However I will be getting my thursday mornings back after next thursday. That's good. My week seems to go faster when I work in the morning. Working 40 hours isn't that bad it's just the customers that get to me. The job is actually really easy. Just waiting on people all day. But man there are some really stupid people that come in there more then once a day. But oh well. I'm home from work now and I have tomorrow off so I don't even have to worry about that place till monday.

Don't really have any plans tonight or tomorrow. Well besides relaxing that is.

Nothing really new in my life. Been hanging out with Matt a bunch lately which is awesome. I have really missed him and I'm glad we are talking more now. I just hope everything works out for the best.

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11:52pm 25/04/2006
mood: drained
The days seem to be getting longer. So I continue to get more annoyed with the dumb heads that come into our store. Still angry about things that happened last week and I don't think that'll go away anytime soon. I'm really ready for a break. Hopefully like the end of july i'll be going on vacation. I need time away from all of this. Cause if not i'm gonna strangle someone.

I'm gonna dye my hair again. Only instead of the red in the front I think i'm just gonna go all black. It's growing pretty fast. I have hair now...but I can't do anything with it so I'm not really happy. I can't get it cut into a style cause then it would just be shorter...and I'm trying to get it longer. Like chin length. So I'll deal with it.

Confession of a convience store clerk: When you ask a dumb question like " do the blinds match the carpet " I will respond by not only telling somone else but also making fun of you to your face for asking me that.

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04:23pm 21/04/2006
  wow suprise suprise...not even three days into it and she's lieing to me again. So i'm completely done. It's over...not gonna deal with it anymore.  

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11:16pm 20/04/2006
mood: annoyed
Why is it that even with people my age, when I'm having a conversation I sit there and wonder why they are so dumb. So oblivous to things that are so obvious to me. 'i only drank one shot' Yeah, one shot that you drank by yourself. 'well so-and-so does it all the time' Yeah and I still think that drinking alone is wrong. 'well i don't do it every night' How does that make it any better that you are doing it. I know I may seem like a nazi about this, but when you live with someone (your mother) who drinks every night to the point of passing out, you get a little crazy when your 'friends' do it.

I have conversations like this often...where I seem to be the only one that is actually hearing the conversation. There is no logic to some of the people I know. It frusturates me very very much. Why can't people actually think before they speak.

Confession of a convience store clerk: If you make a rude comment about my piercings, my hair, or any thing about me I do over charge you. And not just by a few cents...by a few dollars.

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03:21pm 19/04/2006
mood: aggravated
I stuck up for myself and what I believe in. For once I didn't just back down because I felt bad for someone. And in a way i'm proud of myself...but on the other hand I do feel bad. I just gotta keep reminding myself that this is right. I'm not doing anything wrong. She lied to me for 4 months straight and don't lie to the people you supposedly care more about then anyone in the world. So sam and I are no longer friends. I can't be friends with someone that I can't trust at all. I don't believe a word that comes out of her mouth anymore. Plus to top all of that I told her if she helped him with that again that I would no longer talk to her. And what do you know...not even 4 days later she did it.

I work with her today I think. Wonder how that's gonna work out. I guess I'll find out. Not looking forward to it...but I'll get over it.

Need to figure somethings out. I want to just go to my sisters house already. I'm going insane in this house and in this town. I need a break from everything for a few days.

Confession of a convience store clerk: If you piss me off I shake up your beer when you aren't looking.

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12:19pm 17/04/2006
mood: okay
Going insane. My moms car broke so for some reason I'm the one with no car. She has taken over mine and expects me to call places to get hers fixed. We'll she's got something else coming because she's the mom, and it's her fucking car. She can get it fixed herself. Plus she already owes me for getting it towed because she wouldn't fucking answer her phone when I called, six times in 10 minutes. I'm not gonna get it fixed for her. It's not my problem. When my car was broke she didn't try to get it fixed. She didn't call places for me. Besides, I don't know anything about cars. Knowing my luck I would call somewhere and they would dick me over because I'm clueless. All I know is that if she breaks my car I'm gonna punch her in the throat.

Work today from 3 till 11. Getting a ride from Sam because mom has my car. My schedule is gonna be all messed up again because Tisha is leaving for pregnancy leave tomorrow. Should start working 40 hours a week from now on. Hopefully make more money and get a new car because I need one. Also hopefully move out of this shit hole soon.

Can't wait to visit my sister this summer. I really do need a break from everything here. It seems as if I'm going crazy. Also seem that everyone else is fucking insane and can't see common sense. Things are falling on me that shouldn't be my problems.

Question of the day: Who wants to go bowling?

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for all you girls out there!   
04:05am 10/04/2006

it's the actual numbers.

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04:09pm 31/03/2006
mood: cheerful
Not as pissed off anymore. Actually had a really really good day. Went and got some shit done. Payed off the bank and got an account at the credit union. Got my tax forms so I can finally do my taxes. Gonna pay my cable bill next week, as well as my phone. Gonna switch my car insurance to Progressive soon.

Went to Beth's house and had fun replanting her Bonsia trees. I am now a proud owner of one of them. Thanks Beth!!! Had fun doing that. Got really messy. And now i'm home. Probably end up just hanging out here till tonight when we are supposed to go to denny's. All in all today has been a good day.

Question of the day: Who wants to give me a brand new car?

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11:25pm 28/03/2006
mood: irate
I'm so tired of it all. I will forewarn you here and now that if you lie to me...about anything...especially drug use it will make you loose all trust I had for you. All of it. I'm fucking tired of having to wonder if my friends are gonna fucking die. I'm tired of wondering if my friends boyfriends will die. I'm tired of wondering weather or not they are bring that shit around me. So for everyone out there that reads this. If you are using, plan on using, or have just used...I don't want you in my life. Pot and alcohol is one thing...but fucking Herion. I'm 21 years old, I don't need that shit in my life. I learned a long time ago not to do those things...and I would and will never do them. Yet for some dumb reason several people in my life are using it. STOP IT!!!! If you continue to I will no longer care about you at all. Any of you. I'm tired of it. You want to waste your life away and be a fucking junkie then fine. And I know this all seems pretty harsh but I don't care anymore. What's harsh is lieing to someone who would never lie to you even about something tiny, let alone a drug addiction. That's harsh. I have no trust for anyone any more.


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10:31pm 22/03/2006
mood: mellow
Life is life. Been using various other journals more lately for unknown reasons. I just don't have the urge to write here as much. But I'll get back into the swing of things sooner or later.

My 21st birthday was fun. Got trashed and met some new people. Lost 70 bucks at the casino and I am fine with that. I guess it's not really lost because I know it's in the slot machines. But hey whatever. But all in all it was a good time! I found out that I don't like Liquid Cocaine...it's really minty and I hate mint. It was like drinking toothpaste.

Hopefully head to rachels house in a few months. I need a break from all this Michigan crap. I feel like I'm repeating myself every day because people don't seem to actually take to heart what I'm saying. And untill the day comes when they do then I'll continue to say what I'm saying and do what I'm doing. But for now the quick fix is to visit Rachel. Get drunk on the beach, and have bunches of fun.

That's life really. Nothing to exciting happening. Just working and hanging out with friends. Hopefully be moving out with Beth and Duane sooner then later. Probably by the end of this year for sure. I'll go crazy otherwise!!! But I'm off to watch a movie Beth borrowed me.

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